Gyrotonic Certified Trainer / Gyrokinesis / Personal Trainer

Fernando Garcia 

Improve Your Strength, Endurance and Posture!

Do you golf, swim, run, play tennis, lift weights or dance? Perhaps you are just looking to get in shape and reduce body aches and pains. Find out how we can help you improve overall performance!

What is Gyrotonic?

The Gyrotonic Expansion System® is a holistic exercise concept that focuses on the whole body and the spinal column. It is a rotary movement system that unites far eastern wisdom about the body’s energy with modern kinetics. The Gyrotonic® method works with self-contained three-dimensional movements that are performed against a steady resistance without disruption. Every motion is conducted in a melodic rhythmical way and synchronized with the corresponding breathing pattern. Specialized Gyrotonic® equipment allows for total mobility and does not restrict the diversity or intensity of movements.

Why should I try Gyrotonic?

Gyrotonic® is the perfect for individuals who don’t like going to the gym or health club. Small groups and personal training sessions will improve your self-confidence and your mobility!

Athletes, professional dancers and fitness fanatics love Gyrotonic because the system is designed to take your body to the next level with a new way of exercising that uses cross training to increase strength, flexibility and endurance.

Accident, injury or back problems?

Give me a call today, and I will work with you get you back on track to feeling great!

Are you a chiropractor or physical therapist?

Fernando will partner with you to assist your clients in their recovery

Whether you are professional athlete or just looking to improve your golf game, Fernando can help you reduce injuries and improve your game!